Doveton Eagles Football Club
Match Results

 Preliminary Final 
 2nd Semi-Final 
 Elimination Final 
 Round 18 
 Round 17 
 Round 16 
 Round 15 
 Round 14 
 Round 13 
 Round 12 
 Round 11 
 Round 10 
 Round 9 
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 Round 7 
 Round 6 
Doveton Eagles2.27.49.510.10.70
Mount Waverley3.
Eagles Best: Matthew Fristad, Paul Rees, Brayden Keown, Paul Davis, Adrian Piccioli, Sean Wild, Geoff O'Neill
Goals: Michael Gardner 2, Ricky Ramsdale 2, Paul Davis 1, Brayden Keown 1, Geoff O'Neill 1, Stephen Paynter 1, Daniel Selman 1, Jeremy Weare 1
Mount Waverley Best: J. Wilkin, S. Costantino, R. Newman, S. Taunt, T. Beecroft, B. Mugridge
Goals: P. Young 2, K. Tribe 2, C. Jeffries 1, C. Kirkup 1, C. Cafiso 1, J. Attwood 1
Milestones: Congratulations to Jason Fraser on 50 games for the Doveton Eagles. Jason or
Injuries: Kaine Bundy (Eagles) - Ankle
Reports: Nil
Crowd: The man and his dog had gone. The silly fool missed a close finish and amongst the other 120 in the crowd there was still that African dude just walking laps of the ground and loving life.
Mount Waverley2.47.49.615.11.101
Doveton Eagles3.14.38.712.9.81
Eagles Best: Dale Walker, Joel Marie, Joel Duggan, Nicholas Paynter, Travis Gardner, Chris Mills
Goals: Travis Gardner 4, Glenn Neven 3, Greg Kerr 2, Joel Duggan 1, Todd Humphries 1, Chris Mills 1
Mount Waverley Best: J. Brown, S. Hamilton, N. McCraig-Duffield, S. Beecroft, S. Miles, M. Parrella
Goals: N. McCraig-Duffield 5, D. Pearce 3, B. Phillips 2, M. Parrella 1, R. Daenke 1, A. Paolacci 1, J. Stapleton 1, S. Miles 1
Injuries: Nil
Reports: Nil
Crowd: A man and his dog still there, jogger girl gone but that African dude was still walking laps and loving life.
Mount Waverley4.38.712.1116.14.110
Doveton Eagles5.
Eagles Best: Geoff Embleton, Brad McKenzie, Dylan Harraghy, Samual De-Zilwa, Gavin Eichenberger, Bradley Painter
Goals: Bradley Painter 3, Shannan Bennett 1, Samual De-Zilwa 1, Michael Drysdale 1, Ben Emanuel 1
Mount Waverley Best: Unavailable
Goals: Unavailable
Injuries: Graeme Walker (Eagles) - Hamstring
Reports: Nil
Crowd: A man, his dog, a female jogger and some African dude who was just walking around the ground loving life.
 Round 5 
 Round 4 
 Round 3 
 Round 2 
 Round 1