Doveton Eagles Football Club
Match Results

 Grand Final 
 2nd Semi Final 
 Round 18 
 Round 17 
 Round 16 
 Round 15 
 Round 14 
 Round 13 
Doveton Eagles7.59.618.1026.13.169
Sandown Cobras2.
Eagles Best: Paul Davis, Cameron Van-Nes, William Bentley, Troy Humphries, Ricky Ramsdale, Steven Ognjenovic
Goals: Cameron Van-Nes 8, Ricky Ramsdale 5, Stephen Wright 4, Travis Kane 3, Brett Hidgcock 2, Darren Ramsdale 2, Michael Gardner 1, Joel Marie 1
Sandown Cobras Best: D. McMahon, S. Cosstick, L. Nguyen, M. Davies, B. Le, F. Yaman
Goals: A. Leek 2, P. Wright 2, D. McMahon 1, B. Le 1, H. Nguyen 1, S. Cosstick 1
S.Paynter (Eagles) replaced in selected side by T.Ross due to illness. That was some swollen cheek Paynts!
Injuries: D.Maskiell (Eagles) - Knee
Reports: B.Keown (Eagles), T.Graeske (Eagles), F.Yaman (Cobras)
Crowd: 150
Doveton Eagles6.114.626.1138.16.244
Sandown Cobras0.
Eagles Best: Nate Fernando, Rustin Leak, William Jessop, Grant Wyett, Dave Antonielli, Kaine Bundy, Mark Mussared
Goals: Nate Fernando 10, Mark Mussared 9, Angelo Arena 7, Brett Reid 3, William Jessop 2, Travis Gardner 2, Cameron Womersley 2, Tim Watson 1, Rustin Leak 1, Clinton Gwin 1
Sandown Cobras Best: D. Butten, D. Harper, K. Swab, N. Kasapis, R. White, M. Nay
Goals: D. Harper 2, M. Moir 1
Reports: Nil
Doveton Eagles4.37.911.1014.11.95
South Yarra Lions1.35.68.912.14.86
Eagles Best: Ryan Hovell, Gavin Eichenberger, Joshua Graeske, Anthony Villani, Tony Mertis, Graeme Walker
Goals: Joshua Graeske 4, Anthony Villani 3, Brendan Hawkins 2, Tony Mertis 2, Bradley Painter 2, Benjamin Taylor 1
South Yarra Lions Best: B. Murphy, T. Jones, D. Barker, N. Pryor, D. Boyte, P. Powning
Goals: S. Quintal 4, P. Powning 3, D. Boyte 2, D. Barker 1, T. Jones 1, A. Rogers 1
Close game. Eagles down to just 11 fit players by last term and managed to hang on. Well done Colts!
Injuries: T.Mertis (Eagles) -Quad, J.Graeske (Eagles) - Knee, Lions player did his hamstring (standing still !!)
Reports: Nil
Crowd: A man and his dog (seriously!! ...found out it was Gavin E's dad and their dog)
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